PostGuard - protection for your bike.

POSTGUARD is crafted from 100% Middle Earth carbon fibre and weighs almost nothing. It will fit most seats and nearly all suspension bikes. Post Guard protects your "Dropper Seat Post" from mud & rocks  which come off your rear wheel. (Patent pending)

These shots were taken after a 2 hour ride  on a wet gravel road. The seat was never lowered during ride. Any dirt on post came from front wheel.


Your DROPPER POST costs a lot - protect it! Mud can ruin your dropper post, and rocks can chip the post, allowing mud to enter the internal mechanism. "PostGuard" is easily installed, looks cool, and prevents mud from splattering the post. It's also self-cleaning - surplus mud is removed each time seat is lowered! Carbon resists impact from rocks, and moisture isn't trapped as it is in other sock systems.

We at 100%Carbon Ltd designed this "Postguard" with "Protection" in mind.

We have seen multiple posts now with the COATING WEARING OFF. Once this starts happening it won't be long till it fails. 

With "POSTGUARD" protection YOU the bike owner will save a massive amount on wear & tear to your Dropper Post.

All it takes is one small stone chip or several scratches and the wear begins 

We at 100%Carbon Ltd know how much your MTB fitted with "Dropper Post" cost & that you want it to last.

With the "PostGuard" fitted the Lifespan of the "Dropper Post" will be greatly increased, thus saving $$$ in servicing & untimely replacement.

To us it's a NO BRAINER...

I'm Alastair Mckinlay,(Director 100% Carbon Ltd) 53yrs old and have been Mountain Biking for 27 of those.  In the early days I would meet up with the boys from the local bike shop several times a week for social rides. These rides always turned into races. We were very involved in the local MTB racing scene. "Karapoti Classic" was one of our biggest events, 3-4 hours of pain, gasping for breath, mud, rocks & sometimes blood.

We were some of the first to put picks & shovels into action on "Makera Peak MTB Park". There are now numerous tracks around Wellington:

  • Battle Hill Farm Forest Park
  • Mt Victoria
  • Makara Peak
  • Wainuiomata Trail Project
  • Polhill Reserve
  • Toratora MTB Park (30 min out of Martainborough).

I now live under the shadow of Mt Ruapehu on the Central Plateau in the Village of Raurimu. Famous for the Raurimu Spirial.

Mountain Biking is big in this area. We have:

  • Fishers Track
  • The 42nd traverse
  • Ohakune Old Coach Road
  • Mountain Rd
  • Bridge to Nowhere

National Park Village is the place to stay when doing these rides.

Stay at:

Ring to confirm bike storage if needed.

You can hire MTB bikes from:

Taupo & Rotorua are Heaven for MTB lovers.

Post Guard: A type of "Mudguard"(Fender)

This was an idea I came up with when I purchased a New "GT Sensor" mountain bike. It had been 10 yrs since my last new bike and this new one had so much new technology.

The "dropper seatpost" (KS LEV Integra) impressed me.

Here are 2 links to some great Dropper Posts: .


I had never used one before and it looked vulnerable to damage from rocks & mud. I had seen other types of "Protection", for posts like a neoprene sock type " Protector" or piece of old inner tube which can trap moisture, it also doesn't allow "Full Travel" of post.

We at 100%Carbon Ltd thought that " Preventative Maintenance" was priority with this "Seat Post".

We made a No1 prototype "Post Guard" out of a Piece of Marley spouting & the neck of a 3 litre juice bottle. This worked very well and we liked the action of the "Post Guard". 

We decided to go further and approached an expert in the" Carbon fibre" industry who lives locally.

Craig Stirling at "C6skis"( He helped build Americas cup boats) was able to make a No2 prototype for us which we tested out & had great success with the way it worked. The "Post Guard" you can buy now is copied off prototype No3.

On one of my test rides I rode through some sticky mud then straight onto loose gravel. The next thing I heard was gravel hitting our " Post Guard" & I thought thank goodness for the "Post Guard".

One of the quickest ways for Mud & Water to get inside your "Dropper Post" is a chip in the post. The chip will hold the mud & water then when the seat is lowered the dirt & water in the chip go straight past the seals into the Guts of the Dropper Post. This is like grinding paste & will quickly destroy your $$$ (expensive) post. "Post Guard" will prevent stone chips.  

This "Post Guard" will help prevent Dropper Post Problems from starting.

  • Crafted from 100% CARBON fibre & also now in Plastic .
  • Weight-almost nothing
  • Made specifically for Dropper Posts Will fit nearly all "Full Suspension Bikes"
  • Will fit SOME Hardtails if seatstays are spaced wide apart.
  • No trapped moisture or mud like some other systems
  • Full travel of Post
  • Fits to all posts up to 150mm easily, up to 170mm on some bikes.
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy installation
  • Excess mud build up is automatically removed when seat is lowered.
  • The 100%CARBON & Plastic models look great & you can still see your trick Post.
  • Postguard was reviewed by NZMTBR magazine (Aug/Sep 2017 ) 
  • All models are designed & manufactured in NZ for 100%CARBON ltd
  • Delivery in NZ & Australia is free & all mail goes via Hamilton(NZ) Post centre.
  • Overseas orders welcome also.
  • Price -NZD  $89.99  GST included . Plastic version coming soon  Inquire below

                                                                                                       1971 XY Ford Falcon

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